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Grief Coach

We help people who have experienced the devastating loss of a loved one to identify and navigate their new normal, protect their assets and find their financial footing and finally be able to feel at peace remembering the good memories without reliving the pain of the loss.



Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone


As I sit down and write this I feel a great passion to tell you all about what Ms. Lynn Hervieux has done for me and my quality of life. From the start of my sessions, I was a bit nervous to really open up and tell her everything that was going on in my life. Ms. Lynn assured me that it was just fine and the only way for her to really help me was to be transparent. When I complied with her directions everything just started to flow and Lynn accessed the conflicts in a very assertive way! For the following weeks, we continued the conflict addressing and replaced it with a new task to complete each week. I can say, her tactics have worked!! 


Ms. Lynn Hervieux is a magnificent life coach and will definitely assist you in achieving your goals. I am pleased to recommend her as your future life coach! Ms. Lynn is such a bright and positive person who radiates joy any day you talk to her. She has an extraordinary talent for problem-solving, getting to your goals, and making you feel confident after each session! 


I will highly recommend Lynn for your life coaching needs. She will do the job very professionally and thoroughly.


Shelby V.


Oh wow, what a wonderful person. Lynn was very insightful and ask the questions you need to make reasonable "Make Sense" discussions for you. She brought the best in me in seeing my vision of who and where I want to do. I enjoyed speaking to her every Thursday and actually was looking forward to talking with her. Thanks Lynn :-)

Iris James