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Lynn Hervieux

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About the Life Coach



Lynn Hervieux grew up in North Mississippi. From there she commuted to Memphis, TN to attend Christian Brothers and where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Lynn is a certified Life Coach from Life Purpose Institute with a focus on Grieving.



Following a divorce in 1992, Ms. Hervieux began her journey as a single mother of two disabled children.  She raised her two children in Minnesota then relocated to Georgia in 1996.  While her kids were young, Ms. Hervieux was committed to keeping herself as well as her family active in the community. She was an active Girl Scout leader of her daughter’s girl scout troop for 6 years, while simultaneously volunteered with several organizations supporting the disabled community.  Furthermore, when any role was needing to be filled within her children’s community activities, Ms. Hervieux was known for stepping up to assist where needed.  This involved becoming an Assistant Boy Scout Leader, Soccer Coach, Age Group Co-Ordinator for the Soccer League then to Co-Director of the Soccer League. 


Her flexibility and energetic spirit continue to allow her to adapt well to various roles and diverse communities even during the most trying times. In 1996, while Ms. Hervieux’s children were entering their teenage years, they were both diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease called Freidriech’s Ataxia. Not only was Ms. Hervieux in the process of relocating across the country for a job, she was now under immense pressure to understand and adjust her family’s lives to her children’s new diagnoses.  


Ms. Hervieux rose to the occasion and became a beacon of hope and encouragement for children as they transitioned to different stages of their disability. By the age of 15, Ms. Hervieux’s daughter was wheelchair bound.  However, her daughter had her mother’s desire to Reach Higher and she attended college for 2 years to study Journalism.  Her daughter loved to write poetry and wrote a poem in honor of her mother.  Two years after her daughter dropped out of college, she died at the young age of 24 due to complications of her disease.  Ms. Hervieux’s son's physical abilities declined as well, and he became wheelchair bound by the age of 21.




With over 30 years of being an accountant, Ms. Hervieux has assisted several start-up companies with their initial registration documents and government filings as well as, organize their accounting system and processes.  Her analytical skills and attention to details lead Ms. Hervieux to become a PeopleSoft Consultant (ERP Financial Software Consultant) under her own company.  She traveled throughout the US and Canada as a consultant.  She also started a non-profit which assisted the disabled community.  


Grief / Life Coach Career:


With Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Ms. Hervieux decided to become certified as a Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute and Ordained through Universal Life Church.  With this career change, Ms. Hervieux can assist others who are seeking the tools and ability to:  

·         Look Higher

·         Reach Higher

·         Go Higher.


With this career change, Life Elevations and Relationships was birthed. 

As of May 2020, Ms. Hervieux became an ordained minister.


As a Grief / Life Coach, Ms. Hervieux, partners with her clients to identify what they are missing and how to get it by using the skills, knowledge and conquering experiences to be the Best of You can be….



  • Reading Her Bible

  • Scuba Diving

  • Travel

  • Landscape work in her yard

  • Her 2 dogs - Maggie and Bandit

  • Playing Board Games

  • Volunteering in the Community