Support Groups

At Life Elevations,we offer a variety of support.  Our group support model is a group of people coming together with similar issues in a non-judgemental confidential way.  We encourage you to get connected and now You Do Matter.  

The Groups Sessions are through the Zoom app because of the Pandemic as well as not everyone lives in the same area. 

Each Group session will be facilitated by a Life Coach. 


The Agenda will be as follows:

  1. Greetings

  2. Introductions

  3. Prior Week Praises and Acknowledgements

  4. Current Announcements

  5. Topic of the Session (if the group is large enough, we will breakout into smaller groups.

  6. Recap

  7. Assignment Given

  8. Go with a lighter heart...

Support Group Rates

  • Divorce Group – Males Only - $25/per meeting


  • Divorce Group – Females Only - $25/per meeting


  • Hoarders Group - $25/per meeting


  • Unemployed Group - $25/per meeting


  • Grief Support Group - $25/ per meeting


  • Caregiver Support Group - $25/ per meeting